Three ways to improve gaming performance

Three improvements for gaming performance.

Refine your gaming potential with high-quality component upgrades

Given the importance of storage for modern games, it's no surprise that one of the best upgrades for your gaming rig is switching to an SSD. 

SSD usage in gaming - Why do games need so much storage?

“Oh, it’s good, it’s great! Especially because it’s so popular, it’s like, quite unique really. It was such a big hit. But I think I’ve seen him. I think my head looks a bit square innit."

Sean Bean, on his character in GoldenEye 007 1997¹


Remember GoldenEye 007 on the N64? Did you ever get close to Sean Bean's rogue agent character Alec Trevelyan? The head, as Sean rightly said, 'looks a bit square innit' 1. The texture data for older games is extremely limited, you can see this because Sean's face doesn’t get any less pixilated as you zoom in. In modern games such as Hitman 2, the photorealistic character modelling simulates Sean’s individual hairs. This massive increase in texture data has dramatically increased the storage need. 

 4K resolution is becoming more common, a face that takes up a large percentage of the screen when zoomed in may require a 4k texture. Many textures are used in creating a realistic impression, from describing facial imperfections to determining lightmapping. 

 PC versions of games are also generally bigger than console versions, developers can optimise a console version, but PC downloads may contain more detail to compensate for the different hardware and machines players may have.


High performance, low profile, silent. The ideal balance between performance and aesthetics.

 The last few years have given rise to a new type of SSD, the NVMe. These new drives use PCIe 3.0/4.0 technology to achieve transfer speeds that are over four times the speed of other SSDs and sixteen times faster than a hard drive.  NVMes install directly into the motherboard with a single screw. Upgrading is safe, easy and takes less than 60 seconds. NVMes don’t need a drive cage, improving the airflow in the case and freeing the space for additional components such as water-cooling radiators.


Storage speed - Why storage speed is important?


If you've ever played a completely open-world game, you'll be familiar with endlessly roaming around without loading screens. Open world games can be more than 100GB large, so how does this data fit into graphics cards that may only have 8GB of VRAM? The answer is they don't, as the players move new data is streamed from the HDD or SSD - this is where the difference in speed matters. 

So, although large capacity HDDs remain a largely cheaper alternative to an equivalent capacity SSD, it's not just about storage space, storage speed is just as important to gameplay. 

High-performance memory 


RAM is constantly getting faster, but whether you need an upgrade depends on your system. The speed you see on the box is the rated XMP speed, or extreme memory profile. XMPs need to be enabled to reach optimal performance. Different programs have different responses to the memory, so you'll need to test what is best for your system and usage. Depending on what games you play, and what resolution you play at, will depend on what speed RAM you should choose to optimise your system. 

Our fastest memory is clocked at a speed of 3200Mhz which is ideal for handling the large file sizes of modern games. Produced in 4, 8 and 16GB varieties of DIMMs and laptop ready SODIMMs, our memory is available to suit your specific requirements whatever they may be.

Using Ortial’s high-quality products, you can dramatically improve the performance of your system. Don’t let yourself be caught out or bottlenecked in your next important ranked match. Use the links below to browse the range: 


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