Tech Talk Live - The Ortial Interview

Discussing everything Ortial, Sales Director John-Paul Williams joined Phil Griffiths for Tech for Techs Thursday evening live show. 

Tech Talk Live is a regular Thursday night tech show hosted by influencer Phil Griffiths. The show discusses everything from developments in the tech world to common pain points for IT experts. In this show, Phil interviews John-Paul about Ortial. Watch the full interview below:

The live Q&A highlighted some frequently asked questions that we've shared below:

Where can I find your pricing?
We update our pricing each month, your dedicated account manager will send you this. Alternatively, you can see stock and pricing via Stock in the Channel, or you can receive a daily or hourly feed. We are working on getting the pricing live on our website through a login, as soon as this is active we’ll let you know.

You offer a 5-year warranty, but does it start when we buy from you – or when we sell to our customers?
The warranty starts from the date of shipping, however, we can offer a registration of warranty to ensure the end customer benefits from the full 5 years. Please contact your Account Manager for further information

How long has Ortial been around?
We started in 2013. JP goes through our history in a little more depth during the presention here -> Ortial's History 

Do your drives have DRAM?
Our current range doesn’t, but due to demand, we are in the process of producing a new SSD for this year so watch this space!

Who makes your drives? Do you have plans to manufacture in the UK?
We work with a manufacturer in the far east to produce the drives to our specifications. We’d love to say yes to manufacturing in the UK, but unfortunately, we have no immediate plans to do this.

Do you have plans of releasing some firmware and software updates?
Yes, we are in the process of this, we appreciated some platforms need regular updates, so we’re working on this and Ortial customers will get a notification of this when it happens.

Can we ship to Ireland?
We have a sister company that has stock in France, we can ship from there if it’s easier for you. 




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