International Women's Day Women in Tech interview - Meet Kirsty Hall

Research suggests just 19% of the tech workforce in the UK are women.

Companies have been working toward better gender diversity in the workplace for decades, and it's clear the tech industry has a way to go before equal representation is achieved. 

Ortial would like to say a huge thank you to all the women that play an integral part in our business. To recognise the great woman shaping the future of Ortial we interviewed Channel Sales Manager Kirsty Hall to learn about her experience in the tech world and hear about what exciting projects she's leading on at the moment.  

What’s something interesting you’ve learnt about the tech industry?

The tech industry isn't as complicated as I once thought. Knowledge sharing is everything, and you can teach a lot of basic tech skills, this year I found myself upgrading my own laptop, something a few years ago I wouldn't have attempted myself. 

What advantages will demystifying tech bring to the industry?

Demystifying tech is so important if we want to inspire and encourage future generations to choose a career in tech. IT is like a jigsaw, you just need to establish your needs and what pieces you need to complete the puzzle. 

What exciting technology are you working on right now?

Ortial has a fantastic product range, our recent KIOXIA launch has helped us reach a wider client base with a focus on data centre and enterprise solutions. At the moment we're working on our new Ortial DRAM SSD, it's currently in the testing process. It's a really exciting addition to our product range supporting enterprise-level applications. 

What would people come to you for help with?

You can come to me to discuss your needs and what IT solutions Ortial can help with. For educational partners, I can offer advice on IT refresh calendars and processes, and point you in the direction of some best-practice tips. Above all my role is really to get to know you and your business, tech might be paving the way for robots, but personal relationships matter, essential for me to be able for me to advise the right IT solutions. 


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