Kickstart Perspective

From Tedium to Technology, my experience as a Kickstarter with Ortial.

The kickstart scheme, which was rolled out on the 2nd of September, is a government-led program that aims "to kickstart the careers of thousands of young people who could otherwise be left behind as a result of the pandemic". The focus of the scheme is providing 6-month placements to out-of-work young people.

Like many others, I found myself out of work in early 2021 and without any other options, I signed up with the Jobcentre. I was disheartened when my search led to a slew of rejection and over the following month I made very little progress.

In February, my work coach explained the kickstart scheme to me and soon I was applying to as many positions as I could. The response was positive, employers wanted to meet me. I had my first interview in weeks and whilst I hadn't landed anything yet, I was beginning to feel like my efforts were paying off.

It started with an interview, the job was communications executive and the company was Ortial. "It's a very hybrid role", explained JP, "you'd be working in every department. We'll be keeping you busy". I thought this was excellent. After staring at the walls of my flat for months, I might finally have an opportunity to be busy and to engage with other people.

An hour after I left, I got a phone call from a number I didn't recognise. My heart lept into my mouth as I answered. "We'd like to offer you the role", these were words I had been chasing all year. I agreed as fast as I could and as they say, the rest is history

Since starting in my role, I've done so much that I didn't expect. From meetings on marketing strategy, designing graphics, testing and benchmarking components and even writing the blog article you're currently reading. I've been developing skills and learning new ones. JP was right, I've been busy and I've certainly been engaged.


Product quality control


The people around me have made my experience even better, I started with another Kickstarter called Xavier and we have become great colleagues. Apart from JP, I've worked under Tiffany and Tez who are responsible for marketing and logistics respectively. It's refreshing to be around people who are as passionate as I am.


To those who are thinking about applying for a kickstart role, my advice is to go for it. You might end up in a job that you love.


For more information visit the Kickstart Scheme website