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Ortial SSD features in a professional gaming rig designed for esports professional Custa

Former Overwatch League player Custa will be playing on a refurbished gaming rig this summer, powered by the Ortial NVMe 1TB SSD. 

With the hopes of changing perceptions about refurbished tech, UK based computer company Techbuyer has entered into a 6-week long sponsorship with Custa. 

Starting for teams like L.A. Valliant and Dallas Fuel Custa has left a legacy of sportsmanship and respect for Overwatch players globally, so what can we expect from his time with the TB1? 


The TB1 Gaming Rig

Techbuyer is passionate about changing the public perception of refurbished technology. The TB1 is a part of their effort to create cost-effective, sustainable alternatives for gaming systems and demonstrate that refurb has the same performance as new. That’s why Custa is putting the TB1 through its paces, live streaming its performance on his Twitch, YouTube and Twitter channels.

Group IT Director Rich Kenny at Techbuyer said:

'Prices for brand new gaming configurations and PCs are extortionate and most people either can’t afford it or have to save up for a long time. We want to help make gaming tech more accessible by spreading awareness of a cost-effective alternative: refurbished hardware.'


Performance of new and refurbished GPUs ¹

The TB1 has been configured specifically for Custa's requirements, gaming with a heavy video streaming workload. Designers of the system, Techbuyers' Tom Idle and Chris Parry opted to include the Ortial 1TB high-capacity drive to allow for storage of large game and video files. They chose a low-profile drive to avoid compromising the rigs aesthetics.


Speed has become a key factor with the advancement of games and with the constant improvement of graphical technology, file sizes have increased exponentially. To prevent a resource bottleneck, modern systems require storage that can provide data at the speeds they process it.


The TB1 shows performance is not compromised when using refurb. If you want to find out more about Techbuyer, their efforts to demystify refurbished technology and their contributions to a circular economy then visit their website below.

Who is Custa?

Custa is a retired professional overwatch player that goes by the name of Scott Kennedy when he's not working. Custa started his career in 2016 playing for several professional teams and was picked for the first season of the overwatch league in 2018 by the Dallas Fuel. He was then traded in April of that year to the L.A. Valiant where he would spend the rest of his professional career. The Valliant, under Custa, would go on to win the Stage 4 title matches of the inaugural season of the overwatch league subsequently place second overall that year. He has also received the 2019 Dennis Hawelka Award for positive impact within the community.


Custa continued to play for the Valiant throughout 2019 before announcing his retirement on December the 12th. These days, Custa regularly streams for his 88k twitch followers and thousands of viewers. He also works for the Overwatch League as a Desk Analyst, providing in-depth expert commentary on the current season of the league. You can find some of his commentary on his Twitter where he is also active. 

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