CTDI Glenrothes Office, UK Case Study

Ortial switches avoid the need for core network replacement 

"Going forward, our preference would be to go with the gold standard. However, an all new system is very expensive. Using Ortial Technologies transceivers saved 75% of the budget. Together with refurbished switches, we were looking at an 80-90% saving overall"

Sam Turnball, UK IT Infrastructure Technician, CTDI Glenrothes Office

CTDI Case Study


CTDI carries out specialist repairs on corporate and consumer electronics. The company has a number of large contracts for organisations like Virgin Media. It also offers customer laptop repair services for retail outlets like John Lewis. For the network, CTDI uses two sets of LANS, an HP legacy system which is reaching end of life, and a Cisco system, which is what the IT department would like to move towards.

CTDI Case Study


CTDI wanted to maintain the HP system for as long as as possible and transition slowly onto an all Cisco systems. To do, it needed to purchase Cisco switches gradually and add them into the system. Doing this with associated Cisco SFP transceivers was cost prohibitive so the company was looking for a smarter combination of refurbished Cisco switches and commodity SFP's in order to carry out the work.

Key Benefits

  • Significant savings when compared to official Cisco SFPs

  • Proven compatibility with Cisco system

  • Covered with global lifetime warranty

CTDI Case Study


Ortial was able to offer high performance 1GBps SFP's that represented around a 40% cost saving on the Cisco alternative. 100% compatible with the core system with no conflict, the parts came with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind. Overall this translated into a gold standard system with significant savings thanks to smart procurement of component parts. There are now additional plans for Ortial to provide CTDI with compatible SFP's for their HP legacy system. The HP version of these are no longer available to purchase with the correct firmware, so CTDI has opted for the brand alternative. With no compromise on quality or performance, this will result in further savings for the business

CTDI Case Study


Established in 2013, Ortial Technologies is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of networking, memory and data storage components specialising in SFP & GBIC transceiver modules, server, desktop and notebook memory DIMMs and solid state drives. Ortial offers products at a substantial price differential compared to established tier one brands, whilst still maintaining high levels of service and performance. Ortial's globally supported products are 100% compatible for use with all leading brands of laptop's, PC's and servers, with each designed and produced to achieve the exact specification of the OEM.

If you are interested in finding out how Ortial Technologies can help you maximise your IT budget then please get in touch for more information.

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