University of Cambridge Network Services, UK Case Study

Three-year contract to supply Cisco compatible Ortial SFP transceivers to Cambridge University Network Services Department 

"SFPs are an increasingly large part of the network infrastructure. We trialled a sample batch of Ortial SFP's on our own equipment to check for reliability. We simulated different line speeds and protocols, trying every variation to see if the SFP could handle it, and it could. [We also tried swapping Ortial parts into the main system to see if Cisco would still offer support. They did not refuse help with any issues.] Using Ortial SFPs represented a saving of up to 90% on Cisco branded products" 

Head of Network Services, University of Cambridge

Cambridge Uni Case Study


Supplying to over 180 institutions with requirements as diverse as high-end physics at one end, and simple file management on another, Cambridge University Network Services manages a complex system throughout the Cambridge collegiate infrastructure, with varying budgets

The central architecture is designed to cope with all needs but at transceiver level, data traffic needs to vary from 1-10GB and is regularly updated to cope with changing demand. As a paid service, they need to deliver on this as competitively priced as possible whilst at the same time delivering top of the range capacity.

Cambridge Uni Case Study


With bandwith requirement constantly evolving, there is regular need for upgrades and replacements. A long-term plan on this is difficult, however, because no-one knows how technology will develop in the future. Cambridge Network Services required a flexible contract on cost effective and high quality SFP transceivers that were compatible with the Cisco core system.

Key Benefits

  • Up to 40% saving on Cisco pricing

  • 100% Cisco certified & compatible

  • Covered with global lifetime warranty

Cambridge University Case Study


Ortial was able to provide 1GB, 4GB and 10GB SFPs at a fraction of the retail price of the Cisco alternatives, providing a saving of around 90%. Performance tested, a batch was delivered for further testing within the University of Cambridge Network Services system. The result was that there was no conflict with the core system and there was no impact on the service provision from Cisco.

Cambridge University Case Study


Established in 2013, Ortial Technologies is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of networking, memory and data storage components specialising in SFP & GBIC transceiver modules, server, desktop and notebook memory DIMMs and solid state drives. Ortial offers products at a substantial price differential compared to established tier one brands, whilst still maintaining high levels of service and performance. Ortial's globally supported products are 100% compatible for use with all leading brands of laptop's, PC's and servers, with each designed and produced to achieve the exact specification of the OEM.

If you are interested in finding out how Ortial Technologies can help you maximise your IT budget then please get in touch for more information.

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