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Ortial Technologies About Us
Trading since 2013, Ortial is a leading vendor of memory, storage and networking components. Specialising in server, desktop and notebook memory, SSD's and SFP transceiver modules and compatible cables, we provide fully compatible products at a substantial cost benefit compared to traditional brands. Our high quality, brand alternative solutions enable greater performance for significantly reduced levels of investment and come with a full global warranty.
Assembled using the world’s leading micro-component vendors, our product portfolio enables us to provide a wide range of memory, storage and networking solutions to businesses of all sizes, all over the globe. Our globally supported upgrades are 100% compatible for use with all the leading brands of laptops, PCs, tablets and servers, with each upgrade designed and produced to achieve the exact specification of the OEM to ensure compatibility.
Ortial Technologies About Us
We pride ourselves on the quality of our products whilst still keeping costs low. All Ortial products undergo a rigorous quality testing process, carried out by experienced engineers, so you can be certain of optimal reliability and performance at all times. Furthermore, in co-operation with our suppliers, all Ortial components are compliant with EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directives.
Ortial Technologies About Us

Ortial Key Benefits

  • Global lifetime warranty on all memory and transceivers
  • Global 5 year warranty on full SSD range
  • Cost effective, quality assured upgrades
  • Guaranteed compatibility
  • Free technical support
  • UK stock for fast delivery
  • Worldwide resellers & distributors