22nd July 2015



Apollo Memory, one of the leading suppliers of industry standard server memory upgrades for the UK and international market, is rebranding to Ortial Technologies.

The change in Apollo’s brand was followed by a series of decisions around new product development, which aim to increase and diversify the range of Apollo Memory’s product offering within the international IT sector.

Steve Lafario, Marketing Director of Ortial Technologies said: “Our customers gave us feedback and suggestions through our reseller programme, that we should be producing more products – as they are extremely satisfied with the high build quality of the existing offering. Our customers’ feedback has reaffirmed our decision to expand the business.”

Apollo Memory has been trading since 2012 and operates exclusively through value added resellers with their range of high quality products at extremely competitive prices.

Steve added, “Apollo Memory was perfect for when we were only selling server memory, but with the new products in the pipeline, the next logical approach for us was to rebrand – to reflect the growth & diversification of the business.”

The legacy of Apollo Memory will remain with Ortial Technologies: all products come with a lifetime warranty, they are assembled in the UK using the highest quality components from manufacturers such as Samsung and Hynix – and they are fully compliant with the European Union’s directives on the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS).

Ortial Technologies customers span across the UK, Europe and North America. With new branding and products under development, Ortial Technologies is looking to expand the business into the Asian market with resellers in the region.

All current customers of Apollo Memory can continue to purchase the same high quality products through their existing value added resellers.